Why does the keeps appearance constantly change?

Sleeping places are there, another time they’re not and the room can’t be accessed; Lohners room can sometimes be entered, sometimes not; other areas of the keep are sometimes accessible other times not,…

What’s going on with that?

Keep changing when you first progressing thru story. Unblock unavilable area of the keep.

Now when you hit lvl 10 with any char, that char is “moving out” from the main area of the keep and he is getting his own room.
Explore - Keri have room somewhere on tree. Sienna have her own fire place! Saltz making dark experiments somewhere deep…

Now keep is depend on host progres/level of char. So if you joining another player game - the keep will be different as Obviously he is playing another char then your.

/sorry for my English

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Yeah I know but I was under the impression it still keeps changing despite having been 30 for a while. Also it’s weird more and more areas are blocked off as you progress instead of opened up.

Hey there. It’s actually pretty simple. What can be seen and what not depends on the host of the game. For every character you unlock the chambers for, another part of the keep will be open to you. And I suppose when you finally get them all up to snuff, the rest of the keep will be open to you as well.
Of course, there will be all those closed doors which we all hope will have some function soon or mean new characters somewhen in the future and the tower that just can’t be accessed, but at least you’ll be able to throw yourself from way up high off the cliffs

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