More Keep Decorations/Upgrades

I would love to see more decorations for us around our keep. I know we get art to put up, banners after defeating all levels on a certain difficulty, trophies, and after reaching level 10 characters quarters unlock, but everyone gets those things after some point. I would rather have more stuff that makes the keep feel lived in however.

Maybe make the watchtower near Kerrilians quarters climbable with a telescope at the top we can use to look down at some of the locations we have been to, seeing the buildings burning. Or allow us to change the room across from the banners to a bar or something else. Things like that.

The keep is just so empty. The water mill has no reason to be a place for you to walk in since all that is in there is some barrels and a table, and there are so many doors that are either boarded up or we can’t open what is the point for letting us see them instead of just a wall?

I just hope we can more things in the keep to interact with and make it feel more like our own, thanks for reading.


I’m guessing the keep is going to keep expanding. They have added more to it since launch. Just recently they added a new room at the top, most likely the cosmetic shop.

The sad part is that all those areas in the keep are practically just for newbies and everyone just uses the shortcuts to reach things later on without moving an inch.

But yeah, it would be fun to be able to repair parts of the keep somehow, to put up more decorations / personalization than just art, and as you said to be able to see the game’s Helmgart levels in the distance because theoretically a lot of them SHOULD be visible, not just the city itself.

Things come eventually, they have so far.

Although in addition to new things it´d be nice to have the keep get repaired and cleaned too, hard to call a fortress with giant holes in the walls nice.

Can’t wait for the keep to look like this

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That is not the kind of nice i was gunning for!

…Heck i´d even be worried that any poor sod who tried to build something like that would get shipped off as a heretic by any nearby witchhunters, they seem to like the traditional imperial style of imposing stone constructions with decorative skulls.

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