[Suggestion] Keep customization

I like the greenery in the keep, and I know this has been suggested many times, but why not give us an event-related challenge that would allow us to keep that greenery after the event via some keep customization interface ?
And hell, I’d gladly play 500 more hours to unlock some repairs, perhaps even paying in shillings if that’s easier than to think of relevant achievements.


I believe they’ve said this is something they would maybe like to do at some point, can’t quite recall when or where though.
I doubt it would happen anytime soon, but at least it has not been placed in the “not going to happen-pile” as far as I know.

They have expressed that they had plans for it. Got the “had” vibe for sure when reading/watching it :slight_smile:

Would be nice, as would a model for Catrinne. Maybe also give her an easel to paint at and Fatshark could change the painting every so often to surprise us.

I would like a place where hang up our portraits… :thinking:

You mean this ?

To be fair I had already a topic on this here, but I like the ivy we have currently so much I thought I had to bring it up again. Old threat has more ideas.

Yeah, but in the main keep with Catrinne standing in front of it painting something that we can actually look at.

Keep ‘illusions’ are such a great idea. Could also add WoM versions in addition to events.

While we’re on the subject of THK decorations. How about letting us turn all our useless scrap and weapon parts into display cases for our weapons?

I had this idea the other day that we could transform the keep with shadow magic by using one of Olesya’s crystal balls.
Some of those transformations could be the Red Inn Keep, the plaza in Übersreik, the big plaza with the Valaya statue in Karak Azgaraz, Schluesselschloss and the Wheat and Chaff farm.