Christoph Engel - You sneak!

This is a theory I heard while playing with some fella called JuicePrime and it’s pretty solid reasoning.

There are some spoilers for VT1 so if you haven’t played that and you want to then don’t read this stuff.

Let’s take a look at Olesya.

Grey hair, Grey hat, Grey beads, Grey clothes,grey feathers in her hat. You can see where I’m going with this already. If you go and check out the little area she is hobbling around in while she’s at the keep you can see some broken mirror shards on the table(known ingredients for grey magic), books chucked around all over the place like in the Wizards Tower from VT1, and for those of you who completed the Trial of the Foolhardy one of the open books on the corner of her little table contains the image of the open pages identical to the pages of the invisible book you needed to stand on to open the portal.

If you go and have a look at the sword at her hip it is very luxurious compared to everything else she is wearing - a purple velvet handle with gold trimming and pommel. Nice weapon for a grey wizard who favours melee.

Oleysa was never seen at the Red Moon Inn until the very last mission “waylaid” where she appeared in the cellar once you dropped down through the floor. She is also obscenely powerful - being able to mind-speak to Kruber during the prologue, infiltrate the rats at will to find out all kinds of information, apparently moving among them unnoticed.

She always turned up somehow with the shadow horses pulling the carriage and appeared with a boat whenever she fancied in VT1.

In short the theory is that Olesya Pimenova is, in fact, Christoph Engel in disguise and has had a much greater part to play in the whole affair than just casting an illusion over the Red Moon Inn.

What do you think?

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she’s the true orchestrator of the end times! the rats don’t attack her! she incites chaos by allowing skaven to raze manling cities, but doesn’t allow them to win totally, aiding the heroes to drive them out, so they can ally with nurgle and cause even more chaos! strife is her canvas, and blood is her paint!



[God of Change, Sorcery, Fate and Hope - Tzeentch is known by many titles across the galaxy, including the Changer of the Ways, the Master of Fortune, the Great Conspirator and the Architect of Fate. He is the Great Sorcerer, the God of Sorcery and Change and master of the mutable stream of destiny and time. Tzeentch is, without question, the most disturbing and least comprehensible of all the Chaos Gods. His skin crawls with constantly changing faces that leer at and mock all who look upon him. When Tzeentch deigns to speak to other beings, these faces repeat his words, often with subtle but important differences of intonation and meaning. Plotters and schemers find themselves drawn to Tzeentch, especially those who crave psychic or sorcerous power to achieve their goals. Politicians and leaders, magisters and Chaos Cultists, all find themselves drawn along the convoluted paths of fate, using Tzeentch to achieve their dreams and aspirations, though ultimately all are led to play their part in Tzeentch’s own eternal schemes. No man can fully comprehend the full nature of the intricately-woven, multi-layered plots of Tzeentch and to attempt to do so can only lead to insanity. Yet in reality Tzeentch has no grand plan, no ultimate goal to fulfill. For Tzeentch the mere act of plotting and entwining the brief fates of mortals is purpose enough. There is no end to his scheming for he desires no end to the creation of change. Tzeentch can never achieve any ultimate aim for to do so would be the end of ambition and thus the end of the Lord of Destiny.]

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I remember seeing this theory in one more-or-less official place too. It might’ve been the Dev Blog for VT2, but I can’t seem to find anything about Olesya and Lohner there now. Paraphrased, it was “some rumours even say that she’s been helping the city disguised as the Grey Wizard Cristoph Engel.” I’m guessing that would make it pretty official…

So actually Christoph Engel is Oslesya, not the other way around. What a plot twist!

The theory has been floated awhile - her horses in the first game were themselves shadow magic creations. Still fun to talk about, though!

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