I miss Olesya's wagon

because in V1, she would chastise you when you get to the end of a map. V2 removes this element.

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I think the wagon and ship where way better than the portal especially considering chaos dudes destroy these things on sight so much for leaving one in the backyard of their camp…

Olesya talking was also quite immersive. I was quite disappointed they ported the shadow portal to the Ubersreik maps.

I miss Oleysa’s chat at the end of a map. I haven’t checked the event, but the dlc is missing those (ubersreik has got in-game dialoge for it).

Like it or not, the shadow portal is a great plot device, allowing us to travel to many more places, and since VT2 scope is broader than the first 1 i think it’s ok. They could always add some lines back like in BtU missions

well instead of the portals activating from proximity, she should hangout near the obelisk and proc it when we arrive and then tell us much we sucked during the mission.

Guess what: We did the same thing with the boat and wagon. If anything it’s a great plot hole why they’re littered so conveniently and not destroyed by skaven, chaos or even the templars.
Also why don’t we enter from these portals? Why did we take the boat to bögenhafen?

So I thought the same thing, but one can argue they’re using Grey magic as they did in V1. But yes, the plot hole stands, who built these things at these exact locations? Those crafty Ulthuanis.

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In VT1 we moved inside an intact city with little ventures outside the wall.
The coach was also pulled by shadow horses.
And for anything more far away we could take the boat.

But Helmgart is huge, shattered and there’s no way to reach every place with a coach. Also mountains everywhere. As ‘cheap’ teleporters might sound they also make sense.
And we have an easier way to get new areas implemented.

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