Suggestion: Have Oleysia hang out in the lower keep after doing a non-weave mission

I miss having her around near the shadow gate since she moved outside to the athanor and the other portal. Maybe you could have her appear in the keep after you do a non weave mission, and over in the upper area after you do a weave?

Also without a feature like this it seems to be impossible to access her post-mission dialogue if you own WoM since she only has weave related quotes.


I also miss this. It especially sucks if you’re a new player and bought all the DLC so you miss out on the neat post-mission dialogue.


I reported it as a bug and it was marked as Aknowledged. So it should be on their to do list, very likely not as a priority


Even just having 2 Olesyas isn’t even that out of the question, since she’s a shadow wizard and could just conjure up an illusion so she can be in two places at once. Fun!
But yes, I think everyone misses having Olesya close to the mission portal to talk about the map you just did. Or just to bother her with her old dialogue.

Yup. Currently the post-mission lore by Olesya is completely lost. This should be changed back in some way. Because sometimes I got the impression she hid some super-important information in there.

Aw there’s dedicated dialogues after missions?
Maaaaan, I never got to hear those.

You can technically still hear it, by either:
-Disabling WoM and doing all the helmgart maps + talking to Olesya after every map
-Doing all the helmgart maps with someone who doesn’t own Winds of Magic, and having that person trigger Olesya’s dialogue after every match. You’ll get the subtitles, and you can go walk over to Olesya close to the Athanor to hear it.

I’m doing the second one with a friend that just got into the game \o/

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