Olesya Speaking During DLC Maps

There are certain spots in each of the maps where Olesya makes comments about the environment/situation. These will happen as soon as you reach the trigger, regardless of the situation. This leads to Olesya’s lines muffling the game sound, special audio cues, backstab sound, etc. In a game where audio cues are such a huge thing, Olesya’s lines are very obstructive. I understand that Olesya’s lines add some depth/character/charm to the maps, but I would really rather they not muffle all other sounds that are very important.


I second this. Good point!

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It was ok for the first time I played the levels again. I do find it very annoying now on subsequent runs, as I kind of want to play them like every other level.
A toggle in the options would be good to turn her voice off.

she could stop speaking once we have the runes
I find it very funny when she calls us imbeciles!
try harder, imbeciles!

Yeah, her voice lines are the only thing I don’t like about the dlc so far. They often seem out of place, or just… lazy, I guess. Like the part in gardens where you light the blue candles and she keeps saying “interesting”, “strange”, etc over and over… ugh

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