BtU Removing Olesya's narration option

I really was super excited about the Back to Ubersreik and it was great playing through it and collecting the runes.

But, now, I cannot stand to play them as Olesya’s narration is too loud and non-stop.

Most games that have overhead narration, it’s because they are clues to completing a particular quest or mission. Which was the case for collecting the runes. Also in most games, once you complete that quest or mission, the overhead narration goes away.

My suggestion:

1.) Give us an option to completely remove the narration on Champion+ difficulties


2.) Remove the narration if everyone in the party has already collected all of the runes
2a.) If a player joins the game and has not completed collecting the runes for that map then Olesya’s narration will play for all of the players. This will alert all party members that someone hasn’t completed it yet and give them a chance or choice to help them. This might be the better option as it promotes team cooperation.

Of course, no one can force someone to help a player collect the runes but at least they would know if a player needed them instead of having to hear Olesya’s narration in every single BtU map forever regardless if anyone needed the runes or not.

I cannot play the maps anymore. I actually have memorized everything she says and it’s just so annoying and frustrating.

If I get any of the BtU maps in my QuickPlay rotation, I immediately leave because of how annoying it is to listen to Olesya say the same thing over and over even after collecting all of the runes.

I would be okay with it if it only played if someone hasn’t collected the runes for that particular map.


You can use UI Tweaks mod for that.

FS leaves all QoL changes to modders so they don’t have to.

If I had a gun with two bullets and I was in a room with Mannfred von Carstein, Olesya, and Archaon the Everchosen himself, I’d shoot Olesya.



I just don’t like how she over rides the games volume to the point you can’t even hear attacks coming in from behind.


I agree that Olesya is annoying after a while. Her dialogue is centered around the rune puzzles, but she’ll still yell “Nope, wrong way” even if you’re just exploring side paths a little, it feels like.

The potential problem I see with 2 and 2a is that quickplay players who don’t own the DLC will probably be irritating to have as a host, if someone joins and that suddenly lets Olesya let loose. Or even people who bought the DLC for the maps and weapons, but don’t care about achievements as much.

Even so, she will still have her dialogue comments like “Oh, why are there Chaos warriors here?” and “That seemed too hard, maybe I fudged my magic wumbo jumbo,” which are still pretty annoying to me. I can bear with them, but when I hear Olesya talking into my ear writing over regular dialogue, it’s kinda silly.

Would it be possible to make the dialogue play only when you own the DLC and haven’t completed the objectives, so it’s client-side instead of party-wide? Like how if I’m doing the jig at the end of Engines of War, I’m hearing music just for myself and not everyone else.

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