Option for more idle conversations in the keep and during missions

I’ve been playing this game for over 1100 hours now and yet I still see video clips on discord and youtube with conversations I’ve never seen before. Some of them require specific class combinations either in a party or standing around the keep in order to trigger. Since people in the QP queue rarely want to stand around in a game (or if the shadow gate is already open when you join) you’ll probably never hear them. Which is unfortunate because 90% of the game’s lore and characterization come from those little voice clips. On top of that there use to be a dynamic between Lohner and Oleysia in the keep, but Oleysia has since moved out post WoM and her post mission dialoges are inaccessible.

I always feel like I hear the same voice lines over and over with little variation. The class specific ones makes sense because of course lohner is going to talk about engineer stuff if I am engineer. But in a mission it feels like bardin says “mind the bodies, show respect” or “at least the dwarf quarter fared a little better” at least once a minute. Often enough that I notice and it gets old after a while.

So I’ve got a couple ideas about that:

  1. Have Oleysia move between the upper keep and lower keep, or CW basement depending on what mission type you did last. This would bring back the post-campaign mission dialogues.
  2. Make Lohner’s voice-horn louder and use it to relay his usual conversations down to the CW area. Which would need a voice filter.
  3. Have idle NPC party members hang around in the keep area or CW basement between missions so that they can generate conversations. What class they appear as depends on what you played last, and this also means they will use that class if they appear as bots in a mission.
  4. Use a more deterministic randomizer for dialogue selection so that game prefers to use voicelines that have been heard the least, or never before.
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I agree with the post. A lot of lore is lost because of its rather restrictive dialogue triggers. Other lore is not available at all anymore like the post-mission comments by Olesya. I hope this isn’t intentional and surely can be solved better.

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