Two dialogue requests. Could you make all members of U5 hang around in the hub so Solo players can experience them? And also make dialogues non-interruptible?

The first speaks for itself. Have characters hang around appearing as whatever the last load-out you played with them as and doing whatever is in-character for them so we can more consistently hear their banter in the Keep.

The second is about in-game interruptions. Often you’d hear something insightful or something entertaining between characters and all of a sudden “da raki are swarming!”“It’s this way lumberfoots!”“WAR FUNDING!!”

And well…it sucks you know how I never get to hear any of the flavor dialogues into completion. Maybe make it toggleacke whether these dialogues can be interrupted or not.


Id really really love the first one

“These stairs go…”

“Up!? No, down?”

*Grumble * " You´ve ruined it now " .<

I do think it’d be nice to have whatever career your bots have been assigned hanging out around the keep, sometimes conversing, resting or performing various activities with some interesting dialogue for the player upon encountering them.

You forgot “ISHA”. I must have made that joke one too many times, because my phone’s autocomplete started suggesting it.