Taals Horn Keep. A more populated place

Rather simple really.

Un-used Champions are Spawned inside there rooms and you can Talk to them. Just a few line of dialog like Lohner.

Party of Saltz (host)

@Keep = Kerellian, Lohner, Olyesa


Yeah, that’d be cool to find them in their rooms, or at least near them. But might not be worth the development time, unfortunately.

Well, would add a lot of immersion, but I guess adding more voicelines just for the keep is not realistic.
BTW there’s a whole lot of voicelines I’ve heard like ONCE and never again. F.e. Sienna commenting that the manor in Empire in Flames is “opulent and imperial” - every “Darkest Dungeon” player knows what the joke is about :slight_smile:

There are already many voicelines you can only hear in the keep when two characters are standing next to each other. It’s very difficult to hear them all because they rarely trigger and most of the time they happen right before a game loads and get cut off. If you made unused characters a button you can press to trigger dialogue that would solve the problem.

Also this could be my imagination but they seem to add new voice lines with each patch, for both the keep and levels.

Yeah, but I think I’ve heard all keep dialogue alreadym anyway, characters walking around and being able to talk would be really adding to experience. Hope it gets implemented.

It’d be really cool if we could see our achievements in the keep. Like small items in the character’s room, some extra banners for difficulty achievements.
Current Keep is pretty stale. The only difference I can see between my keep and others is that i have the preorder statue.
I’d really like that keeps would show the achievements of the player!

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