Bots in the Keep

  1. When Solo in the Keep, all other Characters should exist in bot form, hanging out in their room. Preferrably lounging animations like Bardin chugging a flaggon, Kruber sharpening a sword, Kerrillian fletching an arrow, Sienna stoking her fireplace aimlessly, Saltzpire musing over his autopsy. Much like how Lohner and Olesya just idle in their respective areas.

  2. A prompt to speak should allow you to cycle through all the dialog banter between characters instead of having them randomly chatter when other players join. I find the random chatter annoying because specific dialogues are just spoken too much while the more rare ones are never heard ever.

  3. Dialogues between characters should be class specific. When Saltzpire suggests to Kruber that he join the order, he mentions he can make the process faster as a Captain. Referring to his new status as a Witch Hunter Captain. But what if he was a zealot or bounty hunter? That really doesn’t fit.

  4. More dialogues specific to the pertinent class between characters and only randomized when the player specifically chooses to speak to the NPC would be best.


Its something that has been talked about before and honestly it’s kinda surprising that the devs didn’t implement it yet. The keep feels empty, even when players are running around.

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Good! Keep harping on things to get our voice across or they’ll just keep ignoring or
conveniently forgetting.

Bring NPCs to the Keep

Oddly enough, I was perusing old posts and happened upon this not long ago as made by @TheLiquor! Seemed to fit pretty much verbatim, even down to @Osvi posting a response :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d be careful about “harping” though. Our dearest Hedge and Julia read every post already… bringing it up once in a while is good, but too often would be irritating.


They’ve talked about similar stuff and have been saying that it’s about priorities. Yesterday someone asked on stream if there would be options to rebuild the keep for currency earned from weekly etc. and Martin’s reply was that they have had intentions of bringing in features such as rebuilding keep but that bug-fixing etc. have been taking priority.

In case of incoming “don’t publish an unfinished/broken game”: he also touched on that, saying they are quite bold in how they choose to publish and that part of it is that the development process is ongoing until the very last moment before actually publishing, because they want to make the game as fun and engaging as possible.


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