Hero bots in the Keep

Why not have it set to where the heros can be either around the keep or in their quarters and talk to them like Lohner and Olesya? You could even have it to where the odd hero out that no one is playing is still chilling in their own quarters and proc conversation with them. As for which career they would appear to be, just handle it like the host’s bots and spawn them in as the last played career.

I think this would add much needed life to the keep, and a very rewarding reason to level up all heroes at least past level 10.


Agree this would be excellent. Although they’d have to remove one of Lohner’s voice lines that I heard just the other day: “Why is it I never see the five of you together anymore?” Made me laugh XD


Or have 3 bots in the keep, just like you get a max of 3 in a mission. :smiley:

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Suggested that some times ago, hope this will be in mod support if it’s not made by Fatshark :3

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