Some voiceline troubles

Issue Summary: In the Keep, characters will sometimes attempt to converse with others not present at the time. Obviously, this results in the characters talking to themselves, as no answer will come up.

Victor often (always?) still thanks Bardin when healed by Kruber. I haven’t noticed the opposite, though.

Steps to Reproduce:
For the first one, just stand in the Keep and listen. Might need at least one other player for it, though, and one player changing characters may increase its chances of occurring (but that’s just a gut feeling, no real basis in anything). For the second, pick Victor and Markus, get Victor damaged and heal him with a Healing supply as Markus.

Reproduction Rate:
Often (< 75%) (but may be constant)


Furthermore audio sometimes doesn’t match the text displayed. So you have Bardin saying something but the displayed subtitle shows something else.

True. As I recall from earlier instances of similar problems, remembering the exact lines that are wrong would help the devs a lot in fixing them. too bad that while I’ve noted a few in play, I usually don’t remember them afterwards…

Oh yes, VO is a hot trash fire. The one source we have of half decent character conversation is broken and I’m surprised I havent posted about it before… Good on you for doing this, OP.

Also, I’ll use this as an obligatory reminder that LILEATH! I CANT KEEP GOING! … GODS! I CANT KEEP GOING!

This one, and maybe 2 or 3 others that don’t immediately come to mind, have been in the game since beta and they’re still hilariously unedited. It’s literally two different takes stitched together! Come on, obesefish…

P.S. On the topic of fartshart screwing up voicelines, and without getting into a different thread, there’s at least one other line that just needs to be removed. One of Kruber’s lines when you take the elevator down to Under-Helmgart is… not Kruber’s. But Kruber says it. He calls the skaven ‘ratties’ and says that he has a ‘burning need’ to purge them. I have no idea what was happening in the recording studio at that time, but you made Dan Mersh say one of Sienna’s lines, and then put it into the game.

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