Bugged/leftover/outdated voicelines

The problem is painfully obvious, which makes the fact that no one cared to fix it for so long just ridiculous. To no one’s surprise, the problems come, as always, from DLC classes, and I’ll briefly list them below.
Kruber GK has a ton of problems with his voice lines, starting with him calling out to Taal, Sigmar, forgetting that Saltzpyre to him is now a ‘peasant’ not ‘sir’ all the way to just ignoring the new lines written for the class and using the old ones, there are subtitles in the game to proof me on that. The most obvious example of that would be the way GK addresses his companions: in the original game, he would use ‘mate’ while GK uses ‘goodfellas’, as shown in the subtitles. There are tons of examples in the game, I simply cannot list them all here.
The rest comes from the engineer, the situation here is much more simple, every voice line that includes the new Bardin’s subclass is overlaying the voice line that comes next and just plainly too fast.
GK has been released over 4 months ago, but I’m still hoping for a quick fix, thank you

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