GK voice lines not matched to the rest of Kruber's VO


I’ve been playing the Grail Knight for a bit now, and I’ve noticed that the new voice lines for Kruber sound subtly off. In my mind this kind of difference is usually associated with a different studio environment setup and/or mic configuration. I have some experience in studio recording as well as a relevant background in DSP, so I kinda wondered if the new voice lines were matched to the old ones.

As there is no real way to extract those from the game files, I don’t believe I can try and tinker with them myself, so I’ll just leave it here as a bug, because the new lines definitely sound more different that the other voice lines that were added in prior content updates.

  • Steps to reproduce the issue: Play GK
  • How consistently the issue occurs for you: 100%
  • Screenshots and/or video evidence: unfortunately, none.

Aye, it almost sounds as if the new lines were recorded while wearing a helmet

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Yeah its a bit boomy. At first I thought it was kinda cool that they added the helmet effect to GK, but then I realised that that wasn’t an “effect” per se, because all the old lines do not have this quality. Especially the lines where they pasted “peasant” over “sir” in Victor-addressed lines XD

It’s probably because of Corona. I’ve been thinking about posting this as well. I hope Fatshark will revisit Kruber’s new voicelines when they get the chance.

Gotta roleplay those recording sessions :stuck_out_tongue:


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