Grail Knight - Other characters commenting on kills with his second melee weapon like they were ranged kills

As per title. Had it happen a few times. Killed some stuff with the second melee weapon, and Kerillian, Bardin & Saltz commented like I had made a ranged kill. “Good shot!”, “You sure shot that Rat Ogre full of holes!”, “Elves can shoot better, you know.”, that sort of stuff.

Can not precisely recall if I were host or not. Happened in different games as well. I think I wasn’t host.

Don’t remember this ever happening with Slayer, but I’m not 100% sure.


Have some issues with wierd voicelines as well, not encountered the GK ones what I can think of, but are getting “Good shot!” from Bardin, when playing Bardin and when I am doing the shooting…

Also got a voiceline from Kerillian yesterday and she wasnt even in the game (Sienna killed a rat ogre, Bardin said something and Kerillian answered).

So the voicelines seems a bit funky at times :slight_smile:

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