A handful of bugs

Another group of bugs encountered over the last few days:

  • Briefing audio for Empire in Flames (and possibly some others) plays Olesya’s Jade Weave intro audio instead.
  • Markus often referring to Bardin as “Ranger” even when Iron Breaker or Slayer. Intended? Don’t recall hearing this before.
  • All characters now yell at you for missing whenever you throw an incendiary grenade, regardless of what you hit.
  • Ranger Bardin (possibly other classes, but have only noticed it on Ranger) often gets stuck in the “recalling-throwing-axe-to-hand” pose even when fighting and firing weapons (and even when they aren’t equipped with throwing axes). Happens with both real Bardin players and Bardin bots.
  • Broken text for weekly event mutator - “<display_name_mutator>” type stuff.
  • Some characters make reference to characters who aren’t in the game - e.g. Saltzpyre starts speaking to Bardin when Bardin isn’t in the party.
  • Seems like the Kerilian “Hogger’s Bridge” dialogue is triggered far, far too often. At least once per game. My record is three times.
  • Sometimes ults will not trigger. Had it happen multiple times tonight with Merc Kruber and when my friend was playing BW Sienna. Could mash the key/button multiple times and just… nothing.

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