Bardin's Monster Taunt

When using the Ironbreaker’s “Oi! Wazzok!” (The ability to taunt monsters to attack him as well), it will occasionally play a continuous thumping noise. It plays for the some of, if not the entire, duration of the ability (4-10 seconds). The bug occured several times, even within the same map, so it shouldn’t be hard to replicate. I am unsure what the cause is, but if its relevant, I was using a Hammer/Shield or Axe/Shield when it happened.

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This happens with all of the taunt talents if you get hit during your ult. It’s very annoying.

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I reported this before and Hedge was like whaaaat lol

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I believe it’s a thing. I’ve heard it and seen videos. Can we replicate it? Even on a live build with any of the instructions we’ve received.

No. :joy:

I’d love to see this one fixed and so would our sound designers but until we can say how to make it happen and make it happen, we can’t make it happen.


How long has this been happening for ?
Could it be related to weather and such ?

Im certain it pre-dates the weather update. Someone will fact check no doubt! I’ll try tomorrow


definitely pre-dates the weather update

idk how to replicate the issue either, it just happens a lot of the time

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It pre-dates the release. It was one of the unique ultimate sounds in beta… Along with Kruber cannon sound :smiley:


Hey bud, I uploaded a video to my youtube at Ironbreaker Sound Bug - YouTube

The bug is caused when you have thp and you press ult. No other interaction needs to happen. It is related to a sound that is programmed into the base ult, Oi Wazzok, and Drengbarazi Oath. However, as the video shows, the sound profile from being hit is not at all coded into Booming Taunt. Presumably, Booming Taunt wasn’t copy/pasta’d from the base ult, at least for the sound profile.


You sure about that?

I took 0 dmg as IB the other day during a legend run and the ult drum sounded each and every time I used it but only at the end of the ult. I never had thp the whole run.

I do use Drengbarazi Oath talent.

it’s related to thp decay, highly recommend watching the video, we replicate it perfectly multiple times for all talents (and no talents) except for booming taunt which seems to not have the issue

it’s possible there’s some further jank that may trigger it but that was the most (100%) consistent method we found to replicate the issue. I can do some further testing if need be

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I assumed it being related to THP decay was known? It just wasn’t happening to everyone

The only time it doesn’t happen is if you have Booming Taunt (which honestly, you should). We tested on client and host, btw.

I guess I should have said “triggered” instead of “caused.” It does trigger the bug 100% of the time. I think the bigger takeaway is towards the end of the video where it shows that Booming Taunt doesn’t have the sound profile upon being hit, while the two talents that have all the issues do have the sound profile upon being hit. I think the removal of that profile should fix the issue.


I don’t play Ironbreaker as much as I did on launch but it still happens to me even if I don’t have any thp but only at the end of the ability.

I played Ironbreaker on Saturday, took zero damage and had never got any thp and the beating drum still occurred before ability ended.

I have no idea what actually causes it but all the times it’s happened to me, I didn’t have any thp at all and it only played in the seconds before the ability ended.

Regardless, it is loud af and always scares me when it happens.

Yeah I had some experience with this in testing and so did Persh. I actually think that is an unrelated issue. It’s the same sound profile, but it is triggered in a completely different way. It only beats like 2 times and then stops. I honestly don’t know what causes it. The only way it could be related is if you’re somehow gaining fractional thp. As you can see in the video, at one point I had 180 hp and still managed to get 1 thp because of fractional thp, which then triggered the bug, but it was for the full duration of the ult.

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4.2.1 will address two causes of this bug, one where THP decays during ‘Impenetrable’, and when Bardin vents overcharge during ‘Impenetrable’.


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