Chaos Spawn unable to attack

I have reported this before on Steam forums. Basically this:

What I’ve received:
“I’m sure we’ve had this before but were never able to reproduce it! Thank you for the video, it’s helpful”.

I don’t know if it’s useful to bring it up again, but I’ve encountered it again. No video this time, unfortunately.

But I am positive it has something to do with Ironbreaker. This time I could pinpoint exactly when it happened: Ironbreaker was on death’s door, died to a nomming grab of Chaos Spawn before it could even chew on him. Not long before he had his Gromril Armor taken off, it had the knockback Talent.

Other than that I don’t know their Talents/loadout apart from Drakegun/Axe & Shield.

I seen this bug before Gromril knockbak was added, so I don’t think it is necessary to reproduce this bug. Judging by youtube videos, it is about 2 years old, and require quite unusual circumstances to appear, since no one know them.

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Fair enough, I’ve thought I’ve had two Ironbreaker games during the Bug, and then it happened after eating Ironbreaker, so I figured I’m onto something.

I guess it is really some weird indigestion problem on Chaos Spawn regardless of class, so I rest my case, pardon for the ruckus.

It’s been a long time since I personally encountered this bug but it’s been there forever. Not exactly sure how to reproduce it but it has something to do with the player dying that was grabbed by the Spawn. Most likely during the grabbing animation. Possibly, aggro then is still sort of locked onto the dead player.

The aggro actually seems fine, follows the general rules and can be switched by crowd control. Seems more like some kind of loop on an action Chaos Spawn tries to constantly perform, while the rest functions fine. So while his AI, patterns and animations seems intact, a single action seems to constantly overwrite everything whenever he tries to attack.

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