Chaos warrior sound bug


So during my last few games i had multiple cases of chaos warriors attacking my teammates but for some reason i was getting the sound as if i was getting attacked.

It was loud, next to me and sudden and heck if it didnt spook me into thinking some CW had suddenly appeared and was just about to overhead charge me. But nope. It was a good 20 steps away trying to hammer the dwarf into the groud with little success.

I just stand there looking at him wondering what the heck was up when i hear the sound again and immediately start to block looking around again, and i spot a Kruber fighting another CW a fair distance away but still nowhere really near me.

This is driving my paranoia levels through the roof T_T

I think this has been a thing since around GK update. I stopped paying attention to most of that stuff though, but when I think back on it, I believe I’m correct.

Very often when I host I hear the backstab noises for my teammates, that’s definitely been happening for a while

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