Mauler back attack sounds?

I just got hit 3 times in one game by a sudden mauler overhead in my back - I doubt my spatial awareness has become this bad this fast but I’ll let the enemies out of nowhere slide for now.
The annoying bit is that I had no sound queue whatsoever. Three times from maulers, and one more from a CW in the span of 10 minutes.
Am I going crazy or has this issue been aggravated with the latest patch ?

I was playing BW, which I don’t often play. This problem could be character dependant.


I had the same experience on DWONSC3 last night on Empire in Flames at the end event. Very well could be the mods that caused that, but I haven’t had issues with Maulers until recently. I was WHC.


Backstab sound has been bugged since WoM release, and has only gotten worse. Search up “backstab” on these forums, there are literally over 10 bug reports that have been “acknowledged”, and yet every patch breaks the backstab sound even more. Currently it has about a 10% chance of playing, and if it does play, it plays as or after the attack hits. It also doesn’t help that enemies randomly and silently spawning behind players is a “feature” that’s in the game.

At this point, playing any career except Zealot or IB feels horrible because of this game breaking bug. Random and unavoidable damage is NEVER good.


Yep, we had bugs even before but they have multiplied and gotten more intense since the engi patch. I was recently playing festering ground and the team made it to the 2nd tome area, i was standing on a middle level wooden platform and shooting down at some ambient enemies while overlooking a ranger collecting potions&stuff.

Anyhow i finish killing the stuff i was aiming at and take a look at the dwarf to check there is anything left when i spot a packmaster spawn without any sound 5 steps behind him and it naturally just instantly walks up and grabs him.

It spawned on flat ground without any holes out of thin air.

Thankfully everything else was dead and i could save him quickly but damn had that taken place during a fight it woulda been an instant death for him. So yeah, the sound system is borderline completely broke.

I dont dare play longbow stalker anymore, already died way too many times to getting backstabbed without any warning from silent enemies or newly spawned ones.:disappointed_relieved:

Even had a horde spawn ontop of me in the troll-y mines.


This is the stuff I find absolutely inexcusable. How is there not just a 20 m or so no-spawn radius around each of the characters to prevent things like this?

@Fatshark_Hedge, @FatsharkJulia could you perhaps enlighten us as to why it’s so tricky to stop things spawning right next to players? We’ve been putting up with this issue long enough to be owed that much.

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