Warcamp finale spawn bug


So having just played the warcamp with a merry bunch of randoms i ended up having the misfortune of encountering the double or possible triple chaos warrior spawn bug in the final fight.

Basically what happened was that we blew through 70% of the overgrown warriors health in an instant only to have him retaliate by calling in a wave consisting of 9 chaos warriors and a bunch of shielded dudes.Followed by another like 1 minute later.

Then he summed a more normal wave with 6 of them just about 2 minutes after that, which adds up to a very abnormal amount of chaos warriors spawning very quickly…Praise the Unchained who smashed through that heap cause all i did was run around with a train of charging overheads and old bödvarr(who helped by punting me to safety every so often) behind me.

Please fix this bug again .c

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