Magical Face Spawns

Hello again!
I’ve managed to record bug that’s been around for a while. Enemies spawn in front of players out of nowhere. I’m sure it’s already been posted here, but situation got worse after Engineer update.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Play the game.
  2. Watch it happen.

Here are two videos.
The first one is me being the host. I twirled around a certain spot fighting various enemies and noticed a clan rat spawning right in front of me:
The second one is me being a client. Mauler just popped out of nowhere in front of the party:

Just think of it as a way to test your reflexes :slight_smile:
All you have to do is dodge!


I had a ratling spawn and start shooting within half a second at the end event of Engines of war earlier today.
There are a dozen of those threads and all have been acknowledged, I trust Fatshark will fix that soon enough.

This is my favourite one. I’ve had it happen twice to myself and seen it several times posted by others (Warcamp Norscan patrol face spawn):

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