Magical Back Spawns

They called me crazy, they called me paranoid, they said I was seeing things. But now I have evidence.
Enemies can spawn right behind players.
Also, I’m pretty sure it’s another really old, well known issue, at least attempted to be fixed. However, it’s still here and it’s broken.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Play the game.
  2. Observe other players.
  3. Turn your back from time to time.

Here’s the video of it happeining. I witnessed a fanatic teleporting (aka moving to a certain direction at siper speed) right behind Sienna’s back. Poor wizard had no idea what’s going on.


This has been reported to and fro for a very long time and i´ve lost count of how many times i´ve died or gotten chunked because of it myself T_T

It doesnt seem like this bug is going away though.

My favourite recent one was when a spawn spawned behind my back during the middle of the horde in one of the fence corners next to the last tome in the CoD. (So many prepositional phrases…)

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Oof that´s high quality frustration fuel x)

My own favorite involved seeing a chaos warrior despawn right infront of the team on a road on the farms map. Then we walk forward to that spot and a horde start, i stand back and shoot specials with the other 3 hold up the frontline only to then have the chaos warrior respawn right in the middle of them.

One quick uppercut later and two guys are dead and the third is running for his life while i was busy trying to grab my jaw from the floor. A second best to this was having a minotaur spawn mid charge behind the team in festering ground and send a poor guy crashing into a river there.

Whenever I see an enemy disappear, I make a few hits into the walls at that spot because I’ve seen them reappearing from the walls too many times.

(I actually almost managed to survive that spawn, but then I got stuck when I dodged at the partially opened gate to the new area…)

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You cant imagine how grateful i am to you. Thought i was seeing things, thought i was slowly loosing my combat surrounding awareness. Like im getting hits from back like a noob no matter how hard i try to watch my back and backs of my teammates.

Really, thank you.

Mate, it ain’t even behind you. I have things regularly and often spawn directly in front of my face, or vanish into the ether while I’m staring at it… only to be thumped by the invisi- enemy a moment later when it pops back out of the warp to wallop me.

I’m on Xbox and I have enemies spawn in front of me while I’m fighting others. Happened the last time I played on Saturday. I was stabbing some trash rats and a Mauler spawned just to the right of the horde I was fighting. Had to emergency block him to keep from getting hit, and the rats were able to get behind me for a couple hits while I was distracted.

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