Bardin 25 talent buggy Ironbreaker


the Oi! Wazzuk talent from Bardin’s Ironbreaker seems broken to me. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. Is there a mechanic behind, i don’t understand, or it’s just still buggy?

Its working as intended, you taunt the boss… he simply doesnt fall for your taunt :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Ok, so serious here: Is there a mechainc which is working like a dice roll in the background, or you are just joking?^^ I really would like to know.

I tried to taunt bosses for hours, worked once… when his main target died at the same time. So ye i tend to say its bugged. Even if there is a mechanic behind it, it prob would not be worth it, either you taunt and get aggro or you dont.

Yeah, thats a shame, because that talent is extremely good, if it would be reliable, but if its bugged and not working then I take a another one.

It is a bug:

Ah thanks a lot.

I always pick the 15 seconds impenetrable.

If i think about it though, Oi wozzak would be a awesome skill too if it worked.

Made the same choice, but will try Oi Wazzuk after the patch. Getting aggro for sure will help the team a lot.

Besides there is the bug which you use the skill, the CD start and when the skill ends the CD start again. This is a really bad when you use a violet potion for example.

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