Ironbreaker Bardin bot's behaviour when ulting

Immediately after he ults, Ironbreaker Bardin bot just starts standing around holding block and not contributing anything else to the situation. And that is the case every time he ults.

He really needs to do something else than just stand there holding block when he has ulted and there is literally only one or two enemies near.

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The other weak point of his is that, equipped with “Oi Wazzock”, he rarely uses his ability on bosses. There is a boss, he has the ability ready, but he doesn’t use it.

Well, to be honest, Ironbreaker Bardin bot has one of the more sensible uses for their career skill. At least he utilizes the skill’s infinite block and aggro draw. It is troublesome, though, when for example (to draw from my own experiences) he just stands around blocking… on top of a downed player he could well be reviving.

To compare, the Dashers will chase every special (which is useful maybe half the time; the other half they’re just on the way) and the AoE skills will get used at the start of hordes. Including Unchained. The only ones approaching useful skill uses are the Trueflight skills, which could well have changed with the abilities’ beta behavior. So IB is just in line with the bots in general.

None of the bots seem to consider the effects of their Talents on their Career Skills, just using the default behavior all the time. This is just part of playing with bots, you have to take their behavior into consideration even when equipping them.

Also, this isn’t specific to the beta branch, so would probably fit better in the general feedback section.

You know what, you pretty much convinced me, thanks for the thorough answer!
Also: huh, didn’t even notice I put this on the beta branch feedback section, my bad ^^

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