Bots and their active abilities

If you utilize bots then you probably noticed that some careers will use their active ability either too soon or when there are no enemies around. It doesn’t affect all careers and it doesn’t happen all of the time.

There appears to be some trigger causing the bots to use their active ability when it’s not needed or necessary.

Some examples:

1.) The horde horn will sound and bots will use their active ability before the horde actually shows up.
2.) Bots will use their active abilities on particular disablers resulting in them getting grabbed anyways.
3.) Bots will sense enemies on the map (no line of sight visible for real player) and will use their active ability.
4.) Bots will use their active ability randomly with no enemies around, no audio cues, and no specials around.

Some careers that this affects are Mercenary, Ironbreaker, Shade, and Unchained.

The Ironbreaker does it more than the others and will use his active ability when a player gets disabled instead of fighting the special. He will just stand there with his block up and watch you die. Will sometimes use his active ability against disablers (hooks, assassins, leeches) and get grabbed/pounced anyways because his active ability doesn’t really protect him from the disablers.

Shade will just go invisible for the sake of being invisible (regardless of enemies around). Will also go invisible and not attack anything. Will also go invisible and stand in front of a Chaos Warrior just to get hit and die.

Mercenary will use his active ability almost as soon as the horde horn sounds even when the horde is miles away.

Unchained just uses her active ability whenever it’s full (regardless of enemies around) or if it’s been charged up for too long and will just run up in front of you and blind you.


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