Bots shouldn't be able to pull patrols

As the title says, bots should be invisible to patrols as their AI makes them run straight into the patrol thinking it’s just 1 SV or 1 CW and then dies to all the others making the entire patrol aggro and potentially just wipe your entire party especially if it’s a CW patrol. Idk why this hasn’t been addressed considering how bad the bot AI is.

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The fk up part is if you have Iron Breaker in the party, he will ult them as soon as he gets close enough. And his ult is pretty far. I tried to avoid the patrol (without and other mobs at all), yet he still ult them.

omg i’ve seen this happen so many times since i run IB with the trollhammer in my bot loadout and it can be infuriating at times. When there’s nothing else around it can be easy since you can just slaughter the patrol. but if they do it with a monster or a wave coming in you’re done kiddos