Some dialogue is still connected to the wrong hero, please add anything you've noticed

I’ve noticed a few of these, and figured we’d might as well bring them to someones attention and I’d very much welcome anyone who’ve noticed anything other than the few things I’ve listed, to note them down with you credited.

  • Healing Saltzpyre as Kruber, will still result in Victor saying the faithfulness of dwarves never wavers.
  • Kruber will call bombs ammunition, seemingly both fire and black powder bombs.
  • On Fort Brachsenbrücke, Kruber will still appear even if not present in the run and proclaim the might of the empire as the last cannonball is fired, it might be tied to Saltzpyre, though I cannot say for sure.
  • Some Keep dialogue in between Kruber and Sienna has in game text that doesn’t connect correct hero to lines spoken.
  • If Bardin is downed and Kerillian is in the party, she will sometimes call the dwarf “wizard”.

There are also still a decent number of cases where the subtitle doesnt match the voiceline or straight up displays a different line.

Kruber is often mistaken for the dwarf, and I think bardin gets referred to as kruber a few times.