Possible oversight in dialogue

First off, not sure if this should be in the bug-section or feedback, obviously I put it in feedback.

There is a dialogue that can happen between Sienna and Bardin, while in the keep, that is about dwarfholds, and how Sienna would want to see one from within. I don’t remember the exact words, but that is the important part.

However, this makes literally no sense, since Sienna HAVE seen a dwarfhold from within, in the DLC for the first game, Karak Azgaraz.

Unless the definition of “within” is something else than actually being inside the dwarfhold (which would be weird) then I suppose this is an oversight. Just thought I’d mention it.


Maybe she means seeing one with dwarves still living there instead of long abandoned

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I assume she wants to see an actual dwarf hold from within, all she’s seen in VT1 is a shitty outpost (Khazid Kro).

You get a look at the outside of Karak Azgaraz during The Cursed Rune though.

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