Into The Nest lore question

What dwarf hold is it. What epic story does it have? Does anyone have this information?

The hold’s name is Karak Gnol. As for its story, we don’t really know it, doesn’t seem like it’s a Karak that’s mentioned anywhere outside of Vermintide. So, we can assume it is one of the many holds that have been abandoned over the years for reasons that have been lost to time.


Weirdly the corpses at the beginning look a bit fresh

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I noticed that too. I was not sure if perhaps the dwarves tried to retake it recently or it was taken in the not too distant past. I was just curious about any info we have on Karak Gnol

Here the description in the Vermintide Wiki:
The name means ‘Old Keep’ in Khazalid, Karak Gnol is an abandoned Dwarven keep taken over by Skaven. It is located in the Grey Mountains and seen in Into the Nest. The towers and buildings are build in a massive cavern, and include a great waterworks and expansive mining operations. Skarrik Spinemanglr has made it his home and built a nest in the centre of the Hold.


I think the Dwarfs have just been trying to retake it recently. The hold itself is pretty badly messed up, implying it has been under Skaven control for a while.

Then again, it doesn’t take long for Skaven to ruin something.


On the corpses looking fresh, it could also be parts of the hold held out for longer and/or were only taken recently. Sort of how Karak Eight Peaks was gradually overrun from below and not all at once even after the skaven deployed their newest inventions. iirc it took about a century or more until the hold was completely overtaken by the skaven and greenskins.

It isn’t unprecendeted in warhammer lore for a hold to fall in stages/sections, where the dwarves barricade parts of the hold as they fall to the enemy.

Here though I’m thinking your guesses are right, it’s probably a force that set out to reclaim it and was overwhelmed by the skaven inside.

You do kinda wonder what’s behind the barred doorways when you’re in there though ^^