Cool sights

I’ve noticed that to this day, a lot of people never noticed this statue in “into the nest”.
It’s one of my favorite things in the game, so I thought I’d share it, and maybe you can do the same if you have other cool sights to show.

EDIT: I couldn’t correctly load the file, i’ll try in a separate post


The dwarven statue must have been magnicifent, but this is hilarious


The image still doesn’t show up for me. :frowning:

Same, but Id guess it’s the one with the Dwarf Holding 2 axes

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I really never recognized this before, nice find! All hail the Horned Rat! :rat:

Can you see the one I posted?
It’s not the golden one, is the one on top of skarrik’s lair. It can be seen moving through the skaven part of the map, and looking backwards after the bossfight (on the cable car). It’s a dwarven statue to which the skaven have added a mouse snout XD


Yes I can see it. The rat statue in the light cone. :+1:

Yes now I can but not before, nice statue, still Umgak though

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I took an other screenshot of it, from a distance.


This is great! All these years, and I never noticed… Good eye! :+1:

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