Vermintide 2 Banners

Dear Fatshark,

I think you banner art is super sweet. I was wondering if you had any high resolution images you could share of some of your in game banners as well as your DLC banners. One example would be the “Back To Ubershreik” banner you have in the logo. Do you have just that Ubershreik banner image?

I want it for reference as I paint a Vermintide themed Warhammer army. After watching your model trailer I have been tirelessly working on them. For the banner models I was trying to paint the banners of the various locales in the VT2 game and then putting a rune of the horned rat over them. One such example:

All the best,
Your fellow rat boi


That is one nice looking miniature. You are not using shades?


Yes, I did use some shades. If you want to see some of my other rats feel free to look at my instagram

Thanks Hedge! I’ll make sure to update you once I have this on my Stormvermin Banner!

No worries! Let me know if I can dig anything else out. Usually they’re merged into PSDs so you might get weird lighting as in the ubsersreik one but hopefully it works :slight_smile:


Nicely done, I like your style: ]

Here was my first go! Thanks Hedge. Tell me what you think!


Whoa amazing @halo! You’re really, really talented. We love this :slight_smile:

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