Image Processing Ideas for Vermintide 2


As mentioned before, in my spare time I enjoy doing image processing for Vermintide images (For future images I will just post them here on this topic instead of making a new topic). I recently, was working on a shade portrait with different lighting. In the middle of the process, I got something like this. I thought it would be scary/funny enough to share. According to a friend of mine he said “The final thing the baby on the stormfiend’s back sees” - Lasamoure

Anyway, as for the purpose of this topic: is to ask the community here if anyone had some more image processing ideas? For example: Rainbow rats, and Dual Lighting is what I am working on at the moment. However, I am hungry for more ideas incase anyone has some suggestions?



Credit to: deed mutator selector mod, and photomode mod and Fatshark for the base game of-course to create this image


This is pretty cool, could be used as Avatars.
Have you considered doing the same thing with all careers?

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@Hurambar Thanks :slight_smile: I could do the same with all careers, might take me a couple hours (based on the number 16 careers)

Maybe you have a favorite career you wanna see either black/white like that shade above, or with dual lighting? (still working on it)

I’m not really a creative type so I need more ideas haha. It’s much appreciated.

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I would love to see Grail Knight like the Shade above, loved the effects on the models.
Should you make from the other 16 careers, make sure to post them on the vermintide subreddit.

@Hurambar here you go, the same effect but for Grail Knight :slight_smile:

I don’t know if this was what you were expecting haha.

I don’t know about subreddit; However, I will consider it. Thanks for the tip :slight_smile:


Thanks, mate! Loved it, I’m already using it on both Steam and here.
You should really consider making the same thing for all other careers and posting it on Reddit. Love me some Verminart!

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