Warpfire Sienna, seeking image processing ideas

Hello Grey here,

I was playing around with some image processing, and I know I’ve asked this question before, but I am not really a creative type and was wondering if there were suggestions for image processing of Vermintide images. I have uploaded a sample of Warpfire Sienna below.

Original image from the dropbox media from Fatshark games.

I enjoy making these kind of images, and was wondering if anyone had suggestions for what other image processing projects I could do with respect to Vermintide 2 images. Imagination is the limit, difficulty determines the time it takes to modify and produce a processed image.

I’ve already done like, dual lighting images for rat ogre, ratling gunner, and rainbow warpfire throwers.

Thanks for reading up to here, I would like to post more images like these, but I lack the creative mind. Otherwise, I’ll keep brainstorming, and perhaps upload more images in this same topic post.



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