Colors look same

Hello, I’ve been playing vermintide 2 for a while now and in Chaos wastes some colors are difficult to distinguish for someone like me with color deficiency (i have deutan diagnosis)
I know I can always come close and read what is to be upgraded, but maybe this game (or upcoming Darktide) may include an option for color enhancement.
Orange and Red weapon swaps/anvils can be confusing too (i didn’t get a screenshot of a red).


they also could include a physical difference, like numbers of skulls on that base indicating rarity


I agree, even as someone without vision trouble, red and orange are hard to see for afar, and even if I have a red weapon I would like to be able to tell other the color of a temper rather than seeing everything in white.

I agree with the physical différence, I would argue for skulls or candles hovering around the temper reroll.

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a physical difference would also be easier to recognise through walls. doesnt really matter what it is as long as its easy to read.

There are surrounding rocks around the anvil.
What if they change them to like weapon materials that can be distinguishable?
I know Fatshark has a lot of portrait frames and the Cata frame is surely noticable compare to others, so they can probably make something out of the floating rocks.