Colour-blind mode?

Brilliant game and a great improvement on the first vermintide which was already damn fun,
Being colour-blind I sometimes find it difficult to spot tagged enemies like hook rat(red outline?) dragging an ally through a green area like a forest
And also struggle with item rarity such as trinkets and necklaces (weapons seem OK as they have traits to help with that) possibly add some flavour text or just an" uncommon/rare/legendary " affix onto the tooltip


As someone who also has (mild) red-green blindness, this is something I wish game developers in general took into consideration more often, even with the default color scheme. Although in this game in particular it isn’t that bad for me, in some games (e. g. Dynasty Warriors 8) the default way to color-code something three ways is Red, Green, Blue. And the shades picked are, of course, ones in the troublesome area. Which means that on average, ~8 % of men have some sort of trouble distinguishing two of the three colors. (It’s far, far rarer on women.) That’s a significant part of gamer population.

Here’s a tip for the three-way color-code: Red, Blue, Yellow, are not only easier for more people to distinguish, they also nicely hit primary colors. More generally, there are tools to help with this if there’s no one to ask directly, and enough people suffer from some form of color blindness (most often red-green) to relatively easily find someone to ask about it.

And just to save someone a few moments of typing, in case more info is wanted:

As a fellow color-blind person I concur - sometimes when there is too much blue on the screen I struggle to differentiate between things.
Also dark green, purple, dark shades of brown.

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