Different color outlines for each player?

Wondering if there was/will be an option to outline players in colors other than spinach green. Thanks for the great game.


That’s a good Idea especially for those who have some kind of color blindness

That would be great, but they also need to fix the outlines disappearing (even when always on) and disables sometimes turning red instead of the victim


While separating players by outline colours doesn’t directly affect colourblindness (though it would be a quality of life change nevertheless), I certainly wish game developers would take that into account when designing the game colours from the beginning. At least there have been updates for some games (Borderlands series and Worms Armageddon come to mind) to address it, but since ~6% of male population worldwide suffer from some form of red-green blindness, it can be a significant problem. It’s certainly not helped by the default colour scheme separating three things being red-green-blue. Imo, red-blue-yellow would be far better (and would hit the primary colours to boot). Yes, in case you’re wondering, I am one of those 6%.

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