Is there a way to change the enemy tag colour from the new darktide red outline to the old V2 blue outline?

simple question ^ the Darktide tagged enemy outline colour is much harder to see than it was in vermintide.
I’m still pretty new to darktide but I couldn’t see any settings or options to modify it. and searching steam/fatshark forums for colorblind accessibility options brings up a whole other flood of other color problems that I haven’t even reached yet so for now yeah just simple that simple question.

can enemy tag outline colour be changed? if not who can I bribe to get the option added?


Right now, the outline color cannot be changed, but I can bring this back to the UX team as color changing would be a good accessibility option in the future.


alright thanks, I was serious about the bribe tho so if you can make it happen name your price :wink:

When you do that, could you please do the same for player colors? Allow us to set custom colors to player slot 2, 3, and 4.

Also some stability in who gets what color would be great. I play mainly with 1 person and 2 randos. It would be nice if the person I play with had a more consistent color. Once idea would be to allow us to give custom colors to players we’ve friended.


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Can we please speak on this matter one more time? Here is another topic perfectly describing my feelings: current outlines looks messy compared to the Vermintide 2 ones. The skull and the moving outline animations adds more visual noise, and the game already has too much of it. I would pay money for a setting or a mod to disable outline animations, skull, and make it straight single color.