Low Visual Distinctness aggravated by Generally Poor Visibility

Enemies in Darktide generally look much more similar to each other than Vermintide, but this is made worse by it being much harder to see generally in Darktide. While enemies do have different armor on different parts, this gameplay generally can’t be taken advantage of.

There’s not much ability to tell the difference between many enemy types 30m+ away.

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I feel what you are saying but don’t you think that practice will make that better and also that it is kind of realistic because why would the guys dress up just to be spotted by you. I think it adds to the feel of the game that it is hard sometimes. it just needs to be balanced around that fact

Agreed, it might be sort of ridiculous, but slapping some more color on some of the elites could help. In Vermintide you have that instinct, that if someone is green or red, you immediatelly gun it down, here … not so much. I pretty much use the Veteran ult just to tell the enemies apart, because it’s hard to notice some of these guys.

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Yeah, some of the specials or elites are relatively hard to spot due to the lighting in the game combined with how similar they are in color scheme and size compared to normal enemies.

I find that spamming the tag keybind on enemy groups helps, it will at least give you some kind of idea of what you are about to engage. Although the sniper specials can be rough to find due to their size and positioning.