Colorblind Settings

Here’s a little outcry from some colorblind gamer! We NEED (or at least I do need) an option to change the color for marked enemies. I can’t see yellow very well at all and playing veteran means that my ult, the wallhacks are for my entire team, yet I can’t use them. In 89% of cases I can’t see the enemies marked by it and in the other cases I usually know where they are and focus on them, which allows me to barely make out that they are in fact marked.

Luckily there is an option for the brightness already, which allows me to see most of the game, but as it stands I guess I just shouldn’t play veteran at all, I would much rather be always reliable and capable of picking elites as Psyker for example than to have to constantly on every new mission tell my random team “Yeah, so I am colorblind and I can’t see my ult. Have fun marking stuff that’s marked just so I see it, lmao!”, which will surely annoy people and make them question “Why pick Vet in the first place then?”.

TL;DR: Give color options for vet ult! Can’t see, won’t see!