Can we finally get rid of the annoying de-saturation color filter when in white health?

It’s really annoying having such a vision impairment when playing. The enemies already blend in too much with the enviroment, and this makes it ten times worse.


Useless. Just boring.

It just needs to be toned down a bit, not removed.
The real problem is the vision impairment when using some active abilities. Ranger Bardin and Zealot Saltzpyre are pretty bad.

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Yup, it’s the same with some of the ult effects. Almost impossible to see gas clouds and other important effects.

part of the game to me! you are dying! your vision is clouded, your senses are dulled, and you don’t see as clearly as you would be healthy!

working as intended imo.

how to fix:




I think it should maybe at least fade away after a few moments from you being picked up

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I agree, this seems fine to me. You are bleeding out and probably got whacked in the head. At least vision isn’t blurred, movement wobbly, or hearing impaired from it.

The real tricky party is when someone is in that state, but their health is still green from regen. The team has to keep track of this so they know to use a heal kit on them when one comes up so they don’t die off the next time they go down. Perhaps their health bar should be orange from regen or something rather than green so there is some sign.

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Nah. Having impaired vision when you are at your most vulnerable is great.

when i get downed i go into a super defensive state and i usually regen up my entire full bar. i have to grab the next healing kit i find quickly and heal someone else - that will clear my dying status - bonus if the other dude is dying as well.

i have to do it this way because i run with natural bond all the time

Healing someone else with a kit restores you even if you don’t have the talent that gives a bonus self heal when healing someone else with a kit?

I’ll have to try this out some time.

i’m not sure if it works WITHOUT Natural Bond trait, because I have it on all the time.

but yes, if i make an embarrassing mistake and get downed, i would be on the lookout to heal someone else asap

Agreed, I really wish there was a clear indicator on the UI so you can always reliably tell when someone is on death’s door.

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