Screen staying grey with Bond of Nature

This is just a minor annoyance that i feel just be adresssed nontheless.
If you have the “Bond of Nature” trait on one of your items and get downed, the game often stayed grey for me for almost the entire map since i cannot heal myself and didn’t really need to because if the regen from elf + Bond of Nature. And asking teammates to waste a heal for you just so you can see colours again seems kind of overdramatic. I feel like there should be an hp threshhold or a timer for the grey screen rather than “until healed by an item” as its a shame to not be able to enjoy the graphics and immersion as much.


Yea, I really hate that white overlay. I mean giving info about the wounds (meaning you will die completely next down) is good, but I think there are better and less annoying ways to do so. Maybe make the healthbar scarred/teared?

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Screen desaturation is kind of a traditional L4D thing, so keeping it does improve the game’s legibility to newcomers who have L4D experience. However, it definitely is a problem when it comes to passive health regen effects.

Personally I’m in favour of making regen clear one wound when you get to half health, and all wounds once you get to full. It can be shocking for a team to be in a situation where they think “Oh, the elf is fine, she’s got all that health now!” only for you to be stabbed in the back by a slave on Champion and to instantly die from it because you never got out of grey. Poof, there goes your grimoire.

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Do you know that health regeneration won’t remove downed debuff?
Only healing items will reset your debuff. Otherwise when reaching maximum stacks (grayest screen) you will still instantly die.

In this regard I believe that actually the occasions where the WS loses gray screen are actually the bug because you won’t have feedback about if you are about to die when downed again or not.

Aparently they dont know that passive hp regen currently does not count has healed. On recruit and veteran you can go down multiple times in a row without dying, so they might not know that actually you only can go down once before you die.

Oh i guess i didnt realize that. I usually play on champion and as i said often i got downed just once and then played the rest of that map with gray screen, meaning i didnt die. I guess it makes more sense now, i will probably stop playing with bond of nature lol. Still i believe that there could be another indicator that you will die on your next down as the the permanent grey screen is kinda annoying nontheless if you decide to play bond of nature.

Just use a healing item?

Not possible with the Natural Bond trait. It requires a team mate to use a medpack on you, which may not be available for extended periods of time.

Today I had a match where I went down very early, we found only one medpack which someone else needed more, then for half the map no more medpacks, only potions. I never went down again, and when we finally found a medpack someone had to use it on me despite me having like 75% health because Kerillian’s passive and Natural Bond did their thing. If not for this utterly annoying desaturation effect, I’d normally have said they should just save that medpack for someone else; in fact I didn’t go down again in the rest of the match.

But this is what my screen looked like, and it is imo unacceptable to be like that for extended periods of time:

I like that idea a lot.

But I’d already settle with the desaturation effect being made optional. Just a checkbox in the graphics settings “Show full screen effect when out of wounds”, by default on.

You need to use a healing supply to heal your wounds. Temp hp or regenerated whatever. Deal with it. Dont run bond on 100hp chars that dont have any dmg reduction whatsoever. Its your fault for doing so and your teams fault for not having one ready to heal you.

protip: Bandage someone else and it will clear your wounds with Natural Bond.

That bug is still in? lmao

I don’t mind the fact that it takes a medpack used on me to clear all wounds. That’s fine, and probably needed for game balance.

I only mind the desaturated screen effect itself because it is bloody annoying and looks like (unmodded) Skyrim on steroids. Annoyance is not needed for game balance.

So please understand I am not asking for regeneration to clear wounds or anything like that. I simply ask for the desaturated effect being made optional, just like many other things that are already optional: player outlines, blood&gore, camera shake, etc.