Hp regen necklace, screen color and dying problem

When you go down and heal back up with the hp regen necklace, even if you regen back to full hp you’ll still see the screen with a white filter, having to sometimes play the whole game with this visual is maddening.
This also means that if i am full hp but i healed back from 0 in champion, that the next time i go down i’m gonna die, that is unless someone heals me with a medkit…
This is a really strange mechanic that even if the whole point of the necklace is to avoid being healed, you still need to get healed even if you are full hp, in order to avoid that “sudden death”.
My suggestion is to set a threshold like 1/3 hp where if you manage to heal till that point, it counts for the game as if you got healed, meaning that the screen will return to its usual color and you won’t instantly die the next time you go down.


You have to use healing item to reset deaths counter, thats how this game works.
Just because there are ways to slowly heal you up dont change that amount of healing items is limiting factor how many times you can go down.


This is still strange as if i’m carrying the grim i need to tell my teammate to heal me even if i’m full HP while there’s a dude with 1/3 hp that’s not carrying a grim, as if a special gets me it’s sudden death.
healing back to half hp from regen is still pretty hard and requires a long time, i don’t see why it shouldn’t reset the counter.

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Unless they changed it recently you lost the insta death at around 50% of hps.

Just tested it. Went in a champion private game, got downed, waited to be back on 60% hp, got killed and died instantly.

So, now I know what confused me. When you are up to 100% again (i.e. green + grey = 100% of hp), the grey tint dissapears. But you still insta-die.

there is risk-reward in using this trinket. it rewards good playstyle ie. players that are good in avoiding damage are rewarded. you can counter it’s effects by being healed by your teammates or using another trait which heals you if you heals others (hand of shallya i think)

if you are someone that takes alot of unneccesary damage, you are going to dislike this trinket.

You can be as good as you want but sometimes getting downed it’s inevitable, especially if your random teammates aren’t reactive enough. getting back from 0 to half without using healing items still requires not getting hit, thus skill. I feel like this is a good quality of life change that doesn’t make the necklace require less skill.

You can’t use the hp regen neck and hand of shallya at the same time… Both are necklace traits. It’s also not a trinket, it’s a necklace.

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if that is so, then u can get rid of the dying status by healing someone else with medical supplies.

Using Bandages on allies seems to clear the death state. Also, allies can still heal you with bandages, which also clears the counter.

It’s a bit more limited but i don’t believe impossible to clear the downed counter. Bandages just become your friend even more.

No you can’t get rid of the dying status by healing someone else unless you have hand of shallya, in which case you can just heal yourself instead because you won’t have the hp regen trait.

Mook seems confused about how these things work.

have you tried it out before commenting? i run this necklace on all characters, i don’t use healing supplies at all except to bandaid others. don’t you think i would have picked up on it’s intracacies?

thank you! double confirmation for the win.

try it out, with Natural Bond on.

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