Natural Bond Suggestion: Healing items only give back 1hp/1% of health

I think it’d be worth it just to clear the wounded state and ‘waste’ the healing item and not receive any hp benefit from it. On champion and legend where you only get one down and the even the most cautious players can go from full to nothing in an instant. This coupled with the very slow rate of the regen makes the trait unattractive to me and there’s already such a small variety of traits.


it’s the risk reward value of the trait. if you want constant healing, then the drawback is that you lose utility from healing supplies. i love this trait at the moment, because it rewards good play, and severely punishes mistakes.

i use it on all my characters. the only time i find it bad, is on halescourge boss, where there is so much unblockable and unavoidable damage (need more practice on that one) and maybe the skittergate last boss (lightning can be interrupted tho)

on tanks like unchained/footman/ironbreaker, it trivialises friendly fire, random ground aoe dmg because you’re already taking less damage.

It doesn’t matter how good you are, the game will put you in situations where you’re going to go down. The team may pull you out of it, and that’s how it’s supposed to work. That being said, it’s frustrating to lost a grim becuase you’ve got 12 health potions and no bandages. On legend, it takes like four hits from a slave rat to down you with grims and ages to regen that health. It’s already pretty punishing. I’ve found that the availability of healing makes this trait non viable on legend, especially if your group has a good pace since you can often find more health than you need.

It’s also odd mechanically. You can’t use bandages on yourself, but another player can?

I’d prefer if the trait should only dictate where you get healing from and not effect the wounded state.

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it would be a welcome buff to the trait if they made this change definitely.

i made a post before about the healing. for this trait, it’s 2% of max hp every 10seconds. that’s pretty huge.

also, i’ve noticed that when i bandage someone else, my death halo gets cleared. i’m not sure whether i’m using a hand of shallya trait on one of my other items, but this may be a possible combination to sustain yourself when you have been downed before.

When you become really good and have a good team , you won’t go down , thats when this trinket works best - Vermintide is harsh but NOT unfair

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