Natural Bond Request

I think it’d be a nice change if green HP recovered while wounded will eliminate wounded state. It will also make those boons you get from Chaos Wastes that regenerate green health more valuable too.

What do you think?

Curious question: At what point would you consider that Natural Bond “cures” wounded state?

If after 1 Hp green health, you would have more or less unlimited downs.
If ater full green health, it would be useless.

Somewhere inbetween? If so, where?

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Infinite wounds sounds OP. IMO a completely 100% full healthbar of green HP would be the entry point for considering wounds being removed for free from a passive effect, but it’s a lot easier to farm green HP with chaos wastes boons so even 100% might be too lenient.

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After a certain point maybe, but it’s be op the second it starts healing you gain back wounds

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Hm. Not sure about the balance ramifications. I was mainly thinking on how I managed to recover a bunch of green HPs with NB last few runs ago while wounded and how cool it’d be if you could get rid of wounded state with it.