Zelot in Chaos Wastes

I like the zelot carrer of Saltzpyre it is the second best after Whc.


For chaos Wastes there must be a "rework"or some changes.

While i think it is good getting healed between the missions. it just sucks to get low enough for your stacks on ever new mission.

i would suggest somtinkt like an addion to the lvl 5 talents of him or a baseline perk like:

Only wounds can be healed with healing items bt they no longer restore “green” health and maybe a higher rate of temphp, although he didn’t need more means to genereate more tmphp

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Or just git gut. Core of zealot is being in danger of low health.

i am a fan of low health.
but it just sucks getting healed by “miracle of tmphp = green hp”
or finishing the map

You know other trick is to get every possible max hp, it dont count how much % you missing but every 25 hp missing

i understand that you want in the best case to be unter 20% “green hp” and the rest full with temp hp.
but in chaoswastes after finishing the map you always get healed up to 50%.
or when someone buys at a restro shrine the “miracle of shallya” which converts tmphp atomaticlly into green hp.

I wish for a mechanic with i can drain my live without being dependent on getting hit - and with i dont ever getting “green hp” again.

Baseline natural bond without the healing bonus an that as perk or talent.
or something like that

or a zelot only special where you can cut yourself.

No matter the amount of HP you can accumulate through buffs max stack is 6 aka 150 HP missing .

And if you are playing with castigate you get under 20% an additional 20% attackspeed

Zealot in general has a lot of poor interactions. For example quick matching into a party with WS using her regen aura. If he innately had some sort of talent that went “all permanent HP healed by sources other than you using your own healing item on yourself instead provides temp HP” he’d work a lot better.

Yeah, or one of the grailknight deeds he has to do with hp regen.

in the middle ages, monks who thought they weren’t pious enough or sinned whipped themselves.
this was called flagellation.

zelot has only 2 perks, give him a third one which renders all regen automaticlly into temph and you get the ability to hurt yourself to lower the hp.

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He pretty much needs a rework for every mode.