Natural bond nullifying grey health?

Does wearing a NB trait item keeps you from not instadie at the second time you are at 0 green health?, i. e. When the first time you go down and get rezzed you only have grey health, after 5 sec you start getting green health. What is happening to me is that even if i can put my health to full by regening or get healed by a team mate as soon as i get to zero health, i instadie…

TLDR: does NB keep you from gettimg downed more than once?

No. You have to either heal someone else with a medkit or be healed by a medkit.

Then i guess i need to report a bug… A fellow FF arrow killed me that way… Second time getting to zero health instakilled me

No, that’s correct. If you’re wounded you need to either use a medkit on another player to unwound yourself or someone else needs to use a medkit on you.

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Even if you regen to full after the first time?


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for clarity; By healing someone else with a healthkit or getting healed you’ll reset your deathstatus. 1 down = next down = out

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