NB and health packs

Issue Summary:

Basically, before the patch I was able to regularly remove my injured status by using health pack on another player. Since the patch this sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t. If it’s not a bug, could you confirm that we shouldn’t be able to remove the injured when we are using NB?

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Become bw.
  2. Use health pack to heal another player.
  3. Pray you stop being bw.

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):
Common (< 50%)

Additional Information:
I cannot say how often this happens because I’ve tried it just a couple of times. The first time I thought I might have been mistaken.

This was a bug and they fixed it now. Only hand of shallya cures your own wounds if you heal others.
But NB is too weak in general. I suggest to change the can’t heal self to 75% less effect of healing items applied to one self.

I didn’t consider it too weak previously, but now it is definitively a lot weaker.

NB is, in my humble opinion, only meant to be used by good players running high hp dmg mitigation builds (read IB in general and certain very specific builds) or if running one of the no pickup mutators (or whatever they should be called) on deeds.

But I think there should be a way for NB users to recover from downed outside of getting healed. Not taking dmg for 4 minutes? Regening 100 temp hps through NB + other regen?


I play NB on every career in every situation. It´s just fun and challenging for me + more potions for the rest. Actually i play mostly with 3 guys from my friendlist. 1 of them plays NB overall too. The 2nd tries it out right now and his thoughts were like " He pays more attention , because he can´t heal everytime and don´t die obviously that much. "
The 3rd is a convinced “NB is useless -player”. But atleast even he played NB yesterday. Was quite fun to throw the pots between the players and we still finished the map.

I would prefer, that everyone plays a couple of games with NB and non meta-stuff. It´ll help a lot to get better and better. Maybe ppl would even stop to cry and kick NB - user, if they could handle it by themself.


Did this for a long time as well until I noticed that I can play 100% on temp hp. The ability clear wounds and not having to explain all the time was a major point as well.


Well i´m at the point to leave the lobby or kick the player, if he starts to argue about NB. I don´t want to play with such ppl and don´t care about them.

Yeah that´s still one of my biggest problems with V2. Ok V2 is faster than V1 and you can get overrun quite fast, so temp health is a good option, but it´s definately too strong. FS should nerf / rework it, but that won´t happen…

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Pretty much my sentiment, also. I have been playing with NB on everything and it is a very good teaching tool for movement, positioning, when to engage and disengage. After switching back from it, I realized there is almost no point to it. Healing items are plentiful enough that if you finish the map with somewhere between 200 and 600 damage taken, temp health is all you need to get you through. Once you realize that health is a ressource as any other in the game, you start to realize is better to eat the occasional hit and compensate with temp health than to be stingy with it. What I read on reddit about it sums it up pretty well: Once you’re good enough for it, you don’t need it.

That´s pretty much the same for every heal /everything in this game and not only NB. ^^

True. But once you’re good enough to compensate for the disadvantage it has (not being able to heal yourself), there is little point for it other than the added challenge, because due to temp health, you get more mileage out of almost anything else. I mean, I regularly play rounds as IB where I take less than 150 damage. What would I have to gain from running NB? Nothing. Even 30% better healing is questionable, but at least that makes sure you always have enough temp health so your true health doesn’t get touched at a certain point. But if you regularly play like that, going for health dupe is probably your best choice. You are not using health items, anyway, and the game doesn’t care if you finish the round with full health or 30 health missing, might as well be able to dupe health for others so the team has even more healing items.

Like I’ve said, I played NB on every carreer for quite some time and thought it was awesome, but after switching back from it to other healing abilities, I never had the feeling that my play or my contribution to the team would have in any way improved by running NB.
I see it very often on BW and the few people who know how to run BW use their active to stay out of trouble. I once played with a very good BW with NB that finished the run with like 30 damage taken, probably all from venting. What benefit to the team was there to be had from them running NB, I wondered.

Well i played with a lot of randoms and still do. I had a champ game with my gf yesterday and the other 2 randoms seemed really to be newcomers / unexpierenced or just not that good players. They needed a lot of heal, so NB is just a gift to get some health back, if you get a hit / ff. So those players were able to get any heal they needed.
It´s correct that you probably don´t need anything /stay on temp health in good grps. My personal record with the BW was 74 dmg taken in a decent legend grp. The other guys had 150 - 250. So well… i don´t think anyone used a heal.
You were able to finish maps in V1 without any heal too, but V2 allows a bit too much in my eyes. With the current overbuffed patch, i´m actually glad that a lot of heals dissappeared (especially the amount on skittergate).

Well, NB compared to the other effects is just straight up bad. Most of the time I use the 25% not to consume heals and that makes the game so much easier. NB makes it harder in many cases. I’ve seen people using the argument “It’s meant for players who take little to no damage” Well… why do you need the HP regen if you are good enough not to take damage? Wouldn’t it be better to bring another medkit and being able to heal more than one with some luck? In some cases the whole party.

And if you are playing someone like Kerillian who can live of her temp HP you can use the 25% more heal because that works with temp HP. I really don’t see any use for NB.

omg another NB discussion! -flails like a madman to jump in to make obligatory posts-

some people believe experienced players wouldn’t benefit from this, i disagree. the main problem with NB is that people only see the BAD effect from it, and that is that they cannot use heal potions or recover their dying status. however, people never ever notice the constant top up effect, and how it keeps me at full hp or be able to recover from 1 or 2 hits over time.

chip damage from friendly fire, exploding plasma rats, barrels, fire damage, those add up over time. for me, i like my hp bar topped off. i always see people taking damage from one poke here, another poke there, and by the time the bossfight comes, they go down in one hit or can’t struggle with the incoming horde.

also, i’m always running a tome and grim anyway. my playstyle is never to rely on any consumables for anything, so it fits real nicely in.

NB isn’t for anyone of course, due to different playstyles, but i am very glad that it’s an option =)


Problem is that it’s the only effect in the game that actually gives your party a harder time because of it. No other necklace or trinket hinders the party, NB does. You gain a lot more from having the chance to keep your medkit or even, as you say with chip damage, having 50% increased healing that increases the effect of temp HP and you can still heal is way better for the group.
The HP regen is so low anyway that the damage it refills will be filled with temp HP anyway.

you are lucky that you can still choose :smile:

strongly disagree - i’m aiding my party because i don’t need any health supplies. it’s especially pronounced in this dlc because many people (including me) are still new in the maps, and even with knowledgable people leading, it still takes a very long time to complete - this gives a lot of time for NB to work.

which usually leads to people fighting for temp hp kills, putting themselves in bad positions trying to fill up that temp hp bar, or in the case of low dps classes they’ll still be struggling.

this kinda proves my point that people don’t notice the rate. for me, green hp > temp hp.

in any case, i personally like it, i know a lot of people dislike it like yourself, that’s fine, just different playstyles.

Actually no you aren’t. Thing is, if manage to avoid damage you don’t need any HP regen or medkits anyway and you would help your party more by either not consuming kits or increasing your healing recived. Every single game we get a person with NB they ALWAYS take more damage than the rest of the group, they are more likely to get downed just because the “normal” NB player seem to think they can do whatever they want, not saying that you do that but from experience, I never want a player with NB in our group since they die first every single time.

Eh, what? You don’t fight for temp HP, you just play and get what you can get. Our Ironbreaker has no problem with his temp HP, he’s pretty much topped all the time because he actually kills things with drakefire pistols.

Not gonna stop you from using it, but it is by far the worst effect in the game atm.

Just like the majority of IB in the game. I’m just loving it, career with over 200 HP and enormous amount of damage mitigation most oftenly is playing as backline ranged DPS very unlikely commiting melee.

And after this some people are telling me that there is no ̶s̶p̶o̶n̶ ranged meta.

I honestly believe that the worst trait choice on necklaces, for me, is dupe.
Because in the past several hundred hours I have played not a single match where no one had that trait. Usually two people have it.
I’ve preferred share in the past, and now mostly use extra received healing, but I still think NB has it’s place. Granted, it is a bit underwhelming - I’d like if it also gave an extra point of temphealth, thereby reducing the effective drop of said temphealth over time, but I still think it is a servicable choice on Unchained. Like mookanana, I prefer the green bar. Granted, Unchained is the only class I use it one.

… Crap, I thought joining those discussions was behind me a few months. :sweat_smile:

Yes, that’s why some people don’t like the flamers because they can very much hurt more than they gain for the team. It’s strange and it really should’t be but denying temp hp is basically the same thing as using healing for no reason as long as the situation wasn’t dangerous. It’s also another point why melee careers have to play extra aggressive in a range dominated party.

Temp hp on kill/crit changed the game from protecting your health to refilling it.

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